Intertape StretchFlex I Machine-Grade Stretch Wrap

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The Intertape StretchFlex® brand machine cast film is designed for a variety of machine film applications. This tough SF1 has a high pre-stretch while preventing breaks during the wrap cycle and spills during transportation. It also has a differential cling for reduced sticking loads. Its a high-quality cast film, with a standard width of 20". 


  • Width: 20"
  • Available sizes:
    • 80 Gauge x 6,000' length
    • 63 Gauge x 5,000' length
    • 57 Gauge x 5,000' length
    • 50 Gauge x 6,500' length
  • High Pre-Stretch
  • Differential Cling
  • Cast Film
  • Machine Wrap
  • Quantity: 1 Roll

More Information:

    • Gauge is a measure of thickness, the lower the gauge number, the thinner the film. Keep this in mind when determining the weight of the products you are palletizing and the strength needed to hold without crushing.
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