Heat Shrink Film – 60 Gauge

Our durable and recyclable polyolefin heat shrink wrap films add an attractive shine and layer of protection for any consumer goods items including foods, toys, games, gift baskets, cosmetics, candy and confectionery and more. These films are food-safe, cross-linked and center-folded for sealing applications! These films are activated with heat via a shrink tunnel or a heat gun. 

Film Gauge (thickness)

  • 45 gauge is our thinnest available film, great for lighter items, including food products
  • 60 gauge film is slightly thicker and more durable, great for bundling light items together including print and stationery.
  • 75 gauge film is thicker still, great for products under 35 lbs, offering more tear resistance. 
  • 100 gauge film is the thickest we have available and still offers great clarity. This film is best for heavier weight items, products with jagged edges, or bundling several heavier items together.

Not sure what film width you need? Use our Shrink Film Width Calculator

All online orders are available for under 4 rolls per SKU. If you would like to purchase higher quantities we may be able to provide lower rates! send in your request using our contact form to learn more or use our live chat if we are available