100 Gauge Intertape GPS Centerfold Polyolefin Shrink Film

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GPS high performance cross-linked polyolefin shrink film is a multilayered film that is versatile enough to perform on all sealing systems and shrink tunnels.

Exlfilmplus® GPS offers high shrink force, making it the ideal choice for multipacking and unitizing product. This heavy duty 100 gauge film is thick but still offers excellent clarity to show off your products. This, like all of our polyolefin films, is food grade and USDA approved for direct contact with foods. 

Our 100 Gauge films are the thickest shrink films we have available online! This is a great choice for heavier weight products or items with jagged edges, or for bundling several heavier items together (under 35 lbs). 

  • Gauge: 100ga (Heavy Duty)
  • Length: 2625'
  • Centerfolded
  • High Shrink Force
  • Pre-perforated 100 gauge film available in 14", 16" and 20" Widths

Keep in mind that this film has a higher shrink force than lower gauge films and will possibly cause damage to lighter or more delicate products. 

Not sure what film width you need? Use our Shrink Film Width Calculator