45 Gauge Intertape GPS Centerfold Polyolefin Shrink Film

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Our 45 Gauge Intertape Exlfilmplus® GPS high performance cross-linked polyolefin shrink film is a multi-layered and versatile enough to perform on all sealing systems and shrink tunnels. This premium resin formulation provides our strongest seals ever and is the thinnest, lightest film gauge we offer while offering high tensile-strength. 

This 45 gauge film is great for lightweight products such as foods, gift baskets and products that are not odd-shaped with jagged edges. 

Our 10" width film comes in 2 rolls while the all others are sold as 1 roll. 

We also offer pre-perforated films in 16" and 18" widths!

  • Gauge: 45 gauge
  • Length: 5,830' per roll
  • Centerfolded

Exlfilmplus® GPS offers high shrink force, making it the ideal choice for multi-packing and unitizing products.

Not sure what film width you need? Use our Shrink Film Width Calculator