Intertape Stretch Flex PROlite

15.7"x1500' | Cast Stretch Wrap for Manual Wrapping | 47 gauge | 4 rolls

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Intertape's StretchFlex PROlite 15.7" width, 47 Gauge cast stretch wrap is durable and easy to apply. This stretch film is the smaller of 2 PROlite films we carry, and is designed for easy down-gauging, offering huge cost savings when compared to thicker, standard stretch wrap. PROlite stretch film maintains load containment while reducing film usage and is easy to apply; with easy wipe down off the tail.

4 - 1,500' rolls per case at excellent pricing!


  • Width: 15.7"
  • Gauge: 47 Ga.
  • Length: 1,500' per roll
  • Hand Stretch
  • 5-layer Cast film
  • Reduce Film Usage
  • Quantity: 4 rolls

Intertape SKU: HY1200400-00